Admitting Clerk Job Profile and Description

The Admitting Clerk serves as a bridge among the various medical personnel working in the hospital, such as physicians, nurses and laboratory staff. They ensure effective communication and collaboration among these health care personnel in order to ensure smooth, organized operations in the designated hospital area. Admitting clerks play a huge role in enabling health care workers to provide prompt and competent care to health care clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

The major responsibilities under the scope of an admitting clerk are as follows:

  1. Accommodates and correlates incoming phone calls to the designated unit and relays messages accurately and clearly to the people concerned.
  1. Performs patient admissions while adhering strictly to the standards set by the medical institution.
  1. Ensures the accuracy and validity of the pertinent entries on the patient records sheet.
  1. Establishes effective rapport with the patients and their significant others, hence creating a medium of open communication.
  1. Maintains the completeness of patients’ records.
  1. Makes inquiries and validates information regarding patients’ insurance.
  1. Maintains confidentiality of all information pertaining to the patient, either verbal or written and ensures that such information is used only for the therapeutic purposes of the client.
  1. Obtains information on patients’ medical history and ensures the availability of patients’ previous hospital and medical records.
  1. Assists personnel in the billing department by providing them with all pertinent information that will help ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the billing process.
  1. Ensures that patients and significant others are well informed of the payments that need to be made prior to special medical procedures and aggressive therapeutic approaches such as surgery.
  1. Releases medical records per request of the patients and the significant others in strict adherence to the rules and regulations set by the medical institution.
  1. Assists health care personnel in their duties and in their needs as necessary.

An admitting clerk is also expected to perform other special duties in order to assist the health care personnel in their functions provided that the task is covered by their level of competency and it is stated in the agreed-upon policies of the health care institution.