Auto Sales Job Profile and Description:

An auto sales job profile depends on the nature of the job in terms of hierarchy in the division of sales. The most common job is that of an auto sales agent, whose primary task is to convince customers to test, and purchase automobiles of a particular make and company. This is a challenging job as the purchasing of cars and other vehicles by customers is hugely dependent on the economic conditions of the times.

Auto Sales Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of an auto sales agent are as follows:

  • An auto sales agent is required to sell the automobile to the customer, and make minute and detailed records of each sale made.
  • He is required to make a thorough demonstration of the product he sells, in this case, automobiles, to the customer and allay all fears and answer all doubts at the same time.
  • The auto sales agent is responsible, in a larger sense, for improving or maintaining the overall sale and profitability of the company he is affiliated to. Individual commissions are dependent on performance of individual agents.

Auto Sales Skills and Specification:

The job skills and specifications of the auto sales agent are as follows:

  • At least 3 to 6 years experience with good sales records.
  • Verbal dexterity and flair are the two most important qualities of the auto sales agent. This is crucial in convincing the customer into making a a purchase even if unintended.
  • Communication skills and in-depth knowledge about the product is also needed, as the customer will have a number of doubts and misgivings about the product initially.

Auto Sales Education and Qualification:

The educational qualifications of the auto sales agent are as follows:

  • High school certificate of equivalent GED
  • A bachelor’s degree is sometimes asked but is usually not mandatory.

Auto Sales Salary:

An auto sales agent earns around 30,000USD per annum plus individual commissions depending on his performance.