Sales Manager Job Profile and Description:

Sales are very important part of any company, since the aim of one is to sell its products. The job profile of a sales manager is to take charge of this particular and critical department, establish territories for sales, train younger sales representations and agents and generally to monitor sales and set targets which can be achieved. This requires both the backing of a formal education in a relevant field as well as immense skill, patience and training which are to be had through work experience.

Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a sales manager include:

  • The sales manager creates a plan or strategy which outlines the sales targets to be achieved by the company and elucidates the plans to achieve the same.
  • Is responsible for the performance and target achievement of each and every individual working under him or her.
  • Outlines new markets and develops sales strategies to make an impact on these new markets. The sales manager also investigates sales leads and decides on plans to improve the same.

Sales Manager Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a sales manager should include the following:

  • Experience with large organizations and software solutions steeped in enterprising.
  • At least five to seven years of work experience in the sales department of a reputed company.
  • A thorough understanding of the nuances of the Supplier Relationship Management.
  • Flexibility of schedule as the job will involve extensive travelling.

Sales Manager Education and Qualification:

The following educational qualifications are needed for a sales manager:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a special emphasis on marketing.
  • Master’s degree which may be combined with a degree in technology

Sales Manager Salary:

Sales managers earn around 120,000 USD per annum depending on the company they are working for.

Alternative Description

The sales manager is an important part of any company. He or she is responsible for directing and managing the company’s sales program. This job involves handling different kinds of sales functions. The sales manager is required to create a goal for the company and ensure that the correct path is taken so as to ensure maximum profitability.

He is also required to handle different employees concerned within the sales department. The sales manager is the one who bridges the gap between the sales employees and the higher management of the company. It is essential that that he or she is able to multitask and handle different responsibilities ranging from coordinating sales and market research to executing different sales strategies.

Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities:

The sales manager is required to adhere to the following duties and responsibilities:

  • He or she must be able to incorporate different sales trends according to the demands of the market and the company.
  • He should be to handle different data.
  • He must be able to create advertisements and promotional campaigns for the company products.
  • He must manage and supervise an entire sales team and ensure that a harmonious work environment is maintained at all time.
  • He should be able to create evaluation reports for individual employees in the sales department and produce it to the higher authorities within the company.
  • He should be able to delegate duties and functions to subordinates as per his or her qualifications and skills.

Sales Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Should be open to new ideas and criticism from the sales team. This helps in implementing changes wherever necessary.
  • Should be able to communicate feedback from the other departments of the company to the sales team as and when required.
  • Must be up to date about the different sales and market innovations and notify the company immediately.
  • Should be able to create strategies for increasing sales figures in the company.
  • Must have skills to create different kinds of reports pertaining to sales for employees and the company.

Sales Manager Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business administration.
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration.
  • Certification in Data Management and Book Keeping.
  • Experience in sales from different companies.

Sales Manger Salary

The salary of a sales manager is largely dependent on the company he or she works for. However, the average income of a highly qualified and experienced sales manager is $111,760 per annum.