Sales Trading Job Profile and Description:

A sales trader is known also as a sales broker or a sales agent, whose chief function is to advise individual clients regarding their personal investments and financial plans. They provide advice regarding investment plans, and act as counsellors, mediators and analysts. Thus this is a challenging job which requires formal education, instinct and keen acumen.

New stocks and issues of bond will have to be discussed with the client before any step can be taken. This is a very old career choice which suffered during recession and economic stagnation at various points of time. However, the enduring nature of the job, its challenges and its popularity remain unabated even now.

Sales Trading Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a sales trader are as follows:

  • To maximise the client’s returns on personal investment, and provide him with apt guidance and advice as may be needed.
  • Sell stock and bonds for investors as per business acumen and the client’s financial goals.
  • Ensure that the transactions of the client result in profit generally and create an impressive portfolio of work that carries significance.

Sales Trading Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a sales trading individual are as follows:

  • Excellent communication skills with which to convince the client to follow the guidance of the sales trader.
  • Work experience and profound instinct regarding the movement of financial markets.
  • Technical knowhow as most of the exchange of stocks and bonds are today done on the internet.

Sales Trading Education and Qualifications:

The sales trading career education and qualifications are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Economics or Finance
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or Economics or Finance.

Sales Trading Salary:

Such a person earns around 50,000 to 80,000 USD per annum depending on individual commission and profit margins.