Sales Director Job Profile and Description:

A sales director is in charge of the sales division or department of the company. This entails a number of very important responsibilities like outlining the sales strategy of the company for a particular fiscal year, distribution of duties and job allotments to hierarchically junior employees like the sales managers, envisioning the sales goals or targets of the company and ensuring that the company meets its profit margins within the deadlines available. The job profile of the sales director is that of power and immense responsibility therefore.

Sales Director Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the duties and responsibilities of the sales director:

  • To outline mark out sales target areas, new ways of selling the product, new clientele.
  • To distribute sales jobs to employees, maintain records of performances of various sectors of the sales division or department of the company and to receive reports outlining the same.
  • To create a comprehensive plan and motivation scheme for employees, designate salaries and other perks of employees working in his department and to report to company authorities on the sales performance of the company.
  • To negotiate agreements and understandings with various other companies regarding sale of products, and to incorporate such dealings within the overall sales scheme of the company.

Sales Director Skills and Specifications:

The following skills and specifications of the job must be kept in mind:

  • The sales director must have at least 10 years of work experience in the higher echelons of sales divisions in reputed companies.
  • He or she must be aware of the stressful nature of the job, and the duties it involves.
  • It involves long hours of work and travel which can be exhausting as well.

Sales Director Education and Qualification:

The following degrees and qualifications must be obtained by the sales director:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Sales or Business Administration
  • Master’s degree in Sales or Business Administration

Sales Director Salary:

A sales director earns around 200,000USD per annum.