Forensic Scientist Job Profile and Description:

Forensic scientists or investigators are involved in the resolution of criminal cases usually working in a laboratory environment or setting. The forensic scientist also has certain additional job demands like keeping of records, filing detailed reports that will outline his findings in a comprehensive manner, presenting his version of the probable events of the case especially if the criminal case proceeds to the court and so on.

It is a tough and challenging job, which requires immense work experience as well as a solid educational foundation. The job profile of the forensic scientist is quite interesting, as it has been glamorized in popular culture.

Forensic Scientist Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of the forensic scientist are as follows:

  • To solve criminal cases by their expertise and technical knowledge of biological data, and submit these findings in a clear and unambiguous manner.
  • To have the expertise and confidence to appear in court as witnesses to the proceedings of a criminal case in which the forensic scientist has played a critical role.
  • Keeping records and organizing data since this data is crucial as evidence in the courtroom proceedings of the case.

Forensic Scientist Skill and Specifications:

The skills and job specifications of a forensic scientist are as follows:

  • Strong communication skills are needed especially in case of appearances as witness in the court. The ability to work as a team with forensic technicians is also very important.
  • Skill and a strong scientific understanding are needed in the job. The ability to interpret the relevance of even the minutest piece of evidence is critical.

Forensic Scientist Education and Qualifications:

The educational qualifications of a forensic scientist are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in forensic science or natural science.
  • Master’s degree in forensic science, DNA analysis or ballistics.
  • Certification from required agencies.

Forensic Scientist Salary:

The forensic scientist earns around a salary of 40,000 to 90,000 USD per annum.