Automotive Technician Job Profile And Description

An automotive technician is an individual employed in the automobile industry and deal with automobiles. They have to check an automobile and detest any existing problem that needs to be repaired.  They have to perform routine maintenance on the automobiles and involved in activities like changing oil and doing tire rotations. They work on all types of automobiles like cars, trucks, vans and also sport utility vehicles.  They have to ensure that equipments are available for inspecting and testing the vehicles. They have to make sure that the vehicles are in functional condition and all components and parts are in place by running a test.

Automotive Technician Duties And Responsibilities

There are certain duties and responsibilities that an automotive technician has to carry out. They are as follows:

  • Giving description of the problem existing in the vehicles
  • Making arrangement for equipments required for repairing
  • Making routine checks on the automobiles to detect any existing problems
  • Examining and lubricating engines of vehicles
  • Shopping for equipments and spare parts
  • Test driving an automobile to check whether the problem has been solved
  • Maintaining a record of servicing and repairing work done on vehicles
  • Ensuring that the vehicles are always in functional conditions

Automotive Technician Skills And Specifications

It is necessary for an individual aspiring to work as an automotive technician to have the required skills and specifications. They are as follows:

  • Must possess good technical knowledge
  • Needs to have problem solving skills
  • Should have decision making abilities
  • Must have the strength to work in uncomfortable positions

Automotive Technician Education And Qualification

The educational qualifications required for an individual to become an automotive technician are:

  • Post secondary education
  • Technical course on automotive parts and systems

Automotive Technician Salary

The average annual salary of an automotive technician is around $37,400.