Emergency Medical Technician Job Profile And Description

An emergency medical technician works in a health care facility or a hospital. They are responsible for providing emergency medical care to patients admitted with sudden and serious injury or illness. They have to work under stress full and emergency situations.  They have to provide medical care in emergency situations. They have to stabilize the condition of the patient. It is the duty of the emergency medical technician to transport the patient to the medical care facility. They have to keep the staff informed about any kind of treatment given to the patient. Sometimes an emergency medical technician has to do documentation work like insurance information of patients, vehicle maintenance reports etc.

Emergency Medical Technician Duties And Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by an emergency medical technician. They are as follows:

  • Attending to emergency situations of an injured or an ill patient
  • Transporting the patient to a medical care facility
  • Providing basic treatment to patients while transporting them
  • Bandaging the wounds of the patients
  • Doing documentation work about patient’s insurance information
  • Making a note of all the emergency calls attended
  • Reassuring patients and bystanders
  • Giving information about patient’s medical condition to doctors

Emergency Medical Technician Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that an emergency medical technician should possess are as follows:

  • Should be familiar with basic medical equipments
  • Must possess good interpersonal as well communication skills
  • Should have a good presence of mind

Emergency Medical Technician Education And Qualification

In order to become an emergency medical technician, an individual must:

  • Undergo a training program in emergency medical technology and related medical field.
  • Need to be licensed by National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency Medical Technician Salary

The average annual salary of an emergency medical technician is $29146.