Mining Technician Job Profile and Description

A mining technician is an individual who is responsible for providing technical assistance to engineers involved in the field of coal and metal mining. It is the duty of a mining technician to prepare the required ore from unwanted materials and rock. They have to observe various mining operations. It is also the duty of a mining technician to perform various chemical and physical tests in order to gather information. Sometimes they may also help in providing technical sales support. A mining technician must have the knowledge of using equipments used in a coal or a metal mine. They also have to identify rock samples found from mines after digging. The information provided and recoded by mining technician is used by scientists to find ore deposits.

Mining Technician Director Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties performed by a mining technician are as follows:

  •  Assisting metallurgists in finding ores from metal mines
  •  Preparing ore from unwanted rocks and materials
  •  Overseeing various kinds of mining operations
  •  Calculating the volume of air in a mine
  •  Testing the sample of air in the laboratory to detect whether any poisonous gas exists
  •  Sometimes they may have to assist the mine production supervisor
  •  Ensuring that mine safety rules are followed
  •  Recording variations in rock samples on charts and maps

 Mining Technician Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required to become a mining technician are as follows:

  • Should have Good technical skills
  • Needs to have good stamina as they have to work in mines
  • Must have knowledge of making maps and charts
  • Good assistance skills

Mining Technician Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required to become a mining technician are as follows:

  • Associate degree in mining technology

Mining Technician Salary

The average annual salary of a mining technician is around $34000