X-Ray Technician Job Profile And Description

An individual working as an x-ray technician is also known as a radiologic technician or a radiographer. They are responsible for using the x-ray technology in order to create images for the diagnostic purposes. They have to ensure that the patient is carefully shielded before undergoing an x-ray so that they are not harmed by radiation. The work environment of an x-ray technician may vary from job to job. They work in different health care settings which can be a diagnostic lab, a hospital or the clinic of a doctor doing private practice. They should have knowledge about all the steps involved in an x-ray procedure.

X-Ray Technician Duties And Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities of an x-ray technician are as follows:

  • Maintaining the x-ray equipment so that it is always in proper working condition
  • Preparing the patient for the x-ray procedure and ensuring that the patient is shielded
  • Accompanying the patient to the x-ray room
  • Helping in lifting the patients after the x-ray procedure is over
  • Operating the x-ray machine
  • Ensuring that patients do not have to suffer from the risks of harmful radiation
  • Adjusting the controls of the machine to get the correct image

X-Ray Technician Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by an x-ray technician are as follows:

  • Should always be alert
  • Must have great communication as well as inter personal skills
  • Should have knowledge about safety measures
  • Must have basic technical knowledge in order to operate the machine

X-Ray Technician Education And Qualification

In order to become an x-ray technician an individual must have an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in courses like anatomy, patient care, radio graphic procedures or radiologic physics.

X-Ray Technician Salary

The average annual salary of an x-ray technician is around $55000. The salary also differs on the basis of the job profile and the type of organization.