Environmental Technician Job Profile And Description

An environmental technician usually works in a laboratory under the supervision of an environmental scientist. Their job is to measure the various available sources in the environment like water, soil and air in order to monitor the pollution in the environment.  They need to come up with ways to stop or slow down the process of environmental pollution. An environmental technician works in waste management agencies and some of them have to work for regulatory government agencies. They have to control and manage hazardous materials.  They may also have to sometimes design equipment that will help to prevent environmental problems.

Environmental Technician Duties And Responsibilities

There are various duties that an environmental technician needs to perform. The various duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Collecting samples from the environment for analyzing
  • Conducting chemical as well as physical tests on the samples collected from the environment
  • Determining the amount of pollution  present in the environment
  • Coming up with ways to remove impurities from the environment
  • Designing equipments in order to  help in stopping environmental problems
  • Modifying and testing the equipments designed by them for solving environmental problems
  • Controlling and managing hazardous materials

Environmental Technician Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications required to be possessed by an environmental technician are as follows:

  • Should be flexible in working as may have to work in both lab as well as in the field
  • Good communication skills as will have to communicate with team members
  • Should be very attentive and have an eye for detail

Environmental Technician Education And Qualification

In order to work as an environmental technician it is necessary to have 2 year associate’s degree in the field of applied science. Individuals with 4 years bachelor’s degree get better job opportunities.

Environmental Technician Salary

The average annual salary of an environmental technician is around $40000. The salary also varies on the basis of the job profile and the type of organization.