Electrical Technician Job Profile And Description

An electrical technician is an individual whose job is to assemble electrical equipments, appliances, tools and electronic wiring. They may have to install and also conduct tests on various electrical equipments.  They have to specialize in diagnosing systems that are malfunctioning and also test equipments that will help to locate electrical breakdowns and solve the problem.  They also have to inspect various electrical systems and components in order to identify various hazards and defects.  An electrical technician also has to advise the management whether to continue the operation of certain electrical equipments.  They also have to test electrical systems and check the continuity of circuits.

Electrical Technician Duties And Responsibilities

An electrical technician has various duties and responsibilities, they are as follows:

  • They have to analyze information and evaluate results in order to choose the best possible solution
  • Communicating  with the supervisors  in order to provide information
  • Planning in order to develop specific goals  and do planning
  • Observing all the relevant sources
  • Evaluating all the available information  and determining compliance with standards
  • Identifying electrical objects and wirings that need to be repaired
  • Testing all the electrical systems and circuits

Electrical Technician Skills And Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required in order to become an electrical technician include:

  • Should have the ability to tell when anything is wrong or on the verge of going wrong
  • Ability to recognize problems
  • Needs to have a steady hand while doing electrical repairing work
  • Should always be alert in nature
  • Must be able to solve technical problems

Electrical Technician Education And Qualification

In order to become an electrician technician an individual needs to have either of the educational qualification:

  • Certificate course in electrical maintenance
  • Two year Associate Degree in Applied Science in Electrical Technology

Electrical Technician Salary

The average annual salary of an electrical technician is $40000.