Branch Manager Job Profile and  Description

A branch manager is the person in charge of the overall operation of a large business or organization situated outside the main branch. The branch manager serves as a leader to his or her team of associates and the one in charge of a particular branch office. The branch manager makes sure that the employee’s salary is correct, makes sure that the business grows larger, able to provide customer satisfaction and committed to the success of the business.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here are some responsibilities and duties of a branch manager:

  • Maintains customer and employee contact on the work area to ensure that quality service is being applied.
  • Conducts performance evaluation of his or her team associates and encourages them to do better in the office.
  • Gives merit to an employee who has done a big contribution in sales and operation in order for others to follow the example.
  • The branch manager creates a program that could help his or her associates in doing a better job and actively participates in it.
  • Set some standards when it comes to giving satisfaction to customers.
  • Handles the cases of some customer complaints which have been escalated from the supervisors.
  • Conducts daily sales and operation assessments and monitors every transaction made in the business.
  • Ensures the growth of the business branch and is committed to its success.
  • The branch manager represents the company in case of any meetings held in the local society.
  • In charge of the sanitation and promotes cleanliness in the vicinity of the office.
  • Makes sure that the employee’s salary and bonuses are properly given.
  • Informs all employees about non-working holidays, working holidays, special non-working holidays and other events which may affect the daily operation of the business.
  • Makes sure that the price of the product or services offered by the branch business is correct.
  • Send some reports to the main branch and gives them updates of the business status.
  • Determines and develops the annual budget for the daily expenses of the business branch.
  • The branch manager also performs some tasks related to business management whenever required.