Business Analyst Responsibilities

The Business Analyst, depending on the industry, is also known as the Systems Analyst and sometimes a Process Analyst in manufacturing companies.  The position is often assigned in the IT department and is specific to a business process in a company such as inventory management, payroll processing and accounting, to mention some, and provides a vital middleman between the owner of the business process and the IT department to translate a business process into a functional specification for programming work.  As the position name suggest, the Business Analyst breaks down the component parts or sub-processes of a business function to create a blueprint in designing the automated systems to support a business process.

Business Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Consult with user departments to analyze, define and document the end-to-end input-process-output business parameters
  • Once the business process analysis is complete, create the functional specification for easy translation into programmatic process flow for in-house or 3rd party coding work.
  • Collaborate with technology partners to craft system deliverables and develop solutions that can become reusable across the organization and industries to allow for IT sales commissions for the company.
  • Perform complex analysis to the business process to ensure that systems design does not include the coding of redundant or unnecessary manual process elements in an automated environment.  This often means knowledge of the latest input technologies that can capture information more efficiently and can be incorporated into the systems design.
  • Assist in the documentation of IT project plans and provide input in the technical design in automating business processes.