Nursing career descriptions present to you details about a range of career prospects in the field of nursing. Nursing is all about providing health care facilities for the general public. They help patients recuperate from pain and injury. An educational background in nursing can make professionals self employed. Nurses can provide outside support or can work as professionals in the hospitals. To run an own clinic or to work as a nursing professional, necessary registrations and certifications need to be obtained.  Candidates should have empathy for the weak and the ill patients. They need to be aware of tools used to recover the patient from various illnesses or diseases. They are responsible to be alongside the patient till he or she completely gets recovered. The following are the career options, educational and job requirements for a candidate who aspires to establish a career in the field of nursing.

Various career choices are available in the field of Nursing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ambulatory Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Examiner
  • Lab Nurse
  • Integrated Care Unit Nurse
  • Paediatric Nurse
  • Adult care Nurse
  • HIV/AIDS Nurse
  • Critical Care Nurse

The following factors are also needed to be considered if one is considering a career in the field of nursing:

  • Students should take up Nursing as their field of study in their Bachelor’s degree.
  • Even in Nursing there are various specialised fields which can be pursued in the post graduation.
  • Responsibility, dedication, awareness of nursing tools, lab testing and detection, and care for patients are the most important traits of a candidate who wants to pursue nursing.

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