Secretary Responsibilities

The secretary provides clerical and personnel support for a corporate executives or management staff.  The position have been taken off low and middle management and is typically reserved to high ranking executives as the PC and the internet is increasingly taking over secretarial duties with virtual remote secretarial services while PC productivity tools and email has allows managers to work without secretaries.

Secretary Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the executive in maintaining a productive work schedule with the least conflict and with the right prioritization as may be defined by the executive.
  • Learn the use of office workflow productivity tools for efficient schedule and task management for the executive.
  • Provide efficient office filing system, whether manual or automated.
  • Draft and finalize correspondences in traditional print and get them mailed for formal liaison with fellow executives, high ranking government officials and fellow executives of eternal service providers, business partners and vendors.
  • Prepare the required travel documents for official business trips in coordination with the company’s in-house or accredited 3rd party travel agencies, ensuring that the executive gets his or her preferred hotels, car hire firms, airport ground transfers and choice of airlines as well as fulfillment of frequent mileage entitlements.
  • Perform screening and prioritized scheduling of employee and visitor appointments to the executive.
  • Coordinate with HR on any management or staff employment concerns
  • Provide administrative handling of confidential matters related to work schedules, personnel salaries and benefits administration.
  • Coordinate with building maintenance and IT support crew to ensure that the office is well maintained in terms of furnishings and computer support.
  • Coordinate with corporate chauffeurs and/or chopper pilots in the commuting requirements for official visits to remote branches in the land.
  • Arrange the required logistical and audiovisual support for any speaking engagement within or outside the company.