Marketing Manager Responsibilities

The Marketing Manager is a generic function indicating a management position in the marketing department.  In a small company, it can be the head of marketing.  But in a large company, the position can refer to any of the following: Pricing Manager, Advertising and Promotions Manger, Circulation or Distribution Manager, a Brand Manager, a Customer Relations Manager or a Loyalty Program Manager – all of these are tasked with marketing responsibilities at the managerial level reporting to  the VP of Marketing.

Marketing Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Implement the marketing plans and programs specific to any of the 5 P’s of marketing (Product/Packaging, Pipeline, Promotion, People and Price) as approved by the head of marketing.
  • Monitor the performance and progress of marketing initiatives versus prescribed goals stipulated in the approved marketing plans and within specified budgets.
  • Coordinate with the sales department to check on the progress of any advertising and promotional campaigns aimed at generating sales, creating new markets, or in the launching of new products in existing markets.
  • Establish a sustained market presence by nurturing a strong and consistent foothold in the customer consciousness of any brand being marketed.
  • Support the sales forces with marketing programs that are realistic, implementable, measurable and rewarding for the company and its people.
  • Contract independent 3rd party market research and survey firms to assess the success or failure of promotional and advertising campaign.
  • Conduct focus group discussions with invited customers, sales agents and marketing people to explore ways to improve products and services.
  • Provide marketing performance reports to higher management.