Dietitian Job Profile and Description

A dietitian translates scientific information on nutrition into practical advice’s for helping people take up healthy decisions about food. Dietitians also identify, diagnose and treat problems related to dietetics and also raise awareness between health and food for preventing future problems.

Dietitian Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the typical duties and responsibilities that a dietitian has to execute include the following:

  • Educate and advise patients having dieting disorders on practical ways for improving their health via adoption of healthy heating habits.
  • Calculate the nutritional requirements of the patients by using standard equations based upon blood chemistry, stress, temperature, mobility and many other factors.
  • Analyze the food’s nutritional content.
  • Advise the pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • Deliver group sessions to children, patients and other audiences.
  • Work as part of multidisciplinary teams in community settings for gaining patients’ cooperation after a dietary treatment.
  • Educate health professionals like nurses, doctors, social workers, biochemists, community workers etc. on dietary treatments.
  • Advising the hospital catering department about the patients’ specific dietary requirements.
  • Running dietary clinics in the outpatient department of a hospital.
  • Advising sports persons and athletes on using dietetics to optimize performances

Dietitian Skills and Specifications

Some of the skills and specifications that a dietitian must possess are likely to include the following:

  • Understanding of human physiology and biochemistry
  • Superb interpersonal skills
  • Team working skills
  • Communication skills.

Dietitian Education and Qualification

Some of the common educational qualifications that a dietitian must have are as follows:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, food, dietetics, food management systems in related areas.
  • Diploma in nutrition, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology etc.

Dietitian Salary

Dietitians usually get an annual average salary of $52,500 according to figures released by the US labor bureau. They are employed by hospitals, colleges, clinics, food processors etc.