Dental Assistant Job Profile and Description

A dental assistant supports and assists in the dental care treatment. Their job is to prepare treatment room, patients, sterilize instruments, pass instruments and aid in dental care delivery to the dentists. They also provide different kind of patient care and perform office and laboratories duties. They also attend patients at the waiting area, make appointments and look after dental billing etc. They also provide information to the patients by clearing their doubts, queries and requests.

Dental Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant include:

  • Maintaining clean and hygienic working environment
  • Sterilizing instruments and providing the same in the treatment area
  • Prepare instrument tray, materials and assisting during dental procedure
  • Assisting dentist in dental emergencies
  • Preparing the patient by welcoming them, seating them, greeting and draping them in the treatment room.
  • Maintaining dental supplies inventory

Dental Assistant Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications of a dental assistance involve:

  • Should be able to use his sound judgement and disposition
  • Calm nature with the ability to work in tandem with the dentists and as per the comfort of the patient
  • Must be reliable and should work with others in accordance.
  • Expertise in operating X-ray and equipment

Dental Assistant Education and Qualification

The education and qualification required for a dental assistant is as follows:

  • They generally learn on-the-job and develop their skills too, however, a basic training in dental assistance is required
  • Specialised dental assistant must have the knowledge and should have passed the special exam for the specialised treatment
  • Some working experience also is needed

Dental Assistant salary

The median salary that an average and typical dental assistant should expect is $33,348. This may vary as per the location, region, experience and requirement. However, there are various factors that influence the average salary.