General Surgeon Job Profile and Description

General Surgeons are specialized in treating internal injuries and diseases of areas like the head, endocrine system, abdomen, neck and other soft tissues by means of surgery or treatment. General surgeons are employed at clinics, hospitals, by physicians and also at government agencies. He also performs surgeries for the vascular system, burn trauma and several other areas of the body.

General Surgeon Duties and Responsibilities

A general surgeon is required to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Analyze the medical history and records of the patients and plan the best procedure for treatment, taking in to account the allergies and medical condition of the patient.
  • Monitor the patient’s health condition after surgery or treatment by co-ordinating follow-up meetings with the patient.
  • Diagnose the patient’s condition and prescribe treatments like antibiotics, diets and sedatives for both before and after operation and help patient in getting his bodily functions restored.
  • Manage and examine the surgery equipments and room to ensure sterility and also co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the medical staff including nurses, residents and other specialists.

General Surgeon Skills and Specifications

  • Must be able to function well and take decisions under pressure.
  • Good knowledge in surgical procedures and human anatomy.
  • Must have a strong commitment and determination to learn continuously and be updated with the advance techniques in medicine.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills as they need to work well with other specialists in order to accomplish the tasks.

General Surgeon Education and Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in science or any related field.
  • Medical degree has to be obtained from a 4-year medical school program.
  • Doctor of Medicine degree has to be attained by candidates following which they can work at a general surgery centre in order to gain experience.
  • License can be obtained after passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

General Surgeon Salary

The average income of a general surgeon is found to be $292,100 per annum.