Chiropractor Job Profile and Description

A chiropractor is a health professional who is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of many mechanical disorders and conditions which distort the functioning of the nervous system and the health of a person. A chiropractor’s requires him/her to conduct physical examination of a patient or a person to check whether or not he/she is suffering from any kind of acute or chronic conditions such as back ache, neck, shoulder and posture problems.

Chiropractor Duties and Responsibilities

The following are a few of the duties and responsibilities of a chiropractor:

  • Taking the medical history of the patients in detail and gathering information about the disorders in spine, posture etc.
  • Taking X-rays of the patients if required and then interpreting them.
  • Checking the blood pressure and sugar level of patients and conducting other medical tests.
  • Suggesting the applying the proper treatment so that the patient is relieved from pain and other medical conditions.

Chiropractor Skills and Specifications

Here’s a list of the major skills and specifications of a chiropractor:

  • A chiropractor must have exceptional listening abilities and must be able to understand the problems faced by patients.
  • A chiropractor must have excellent communication skills and strong personality.
  • He/she must good clinical thinking and complex analytical skills.
  • He/she should be persuasive and dedicated with exceptional judgment and decision making skills.

Chiropractor Education and Qualifications

The following are the education and qualifications of a chiropractor:

  • A chiropractor needs at least 6 years of college and a clinical training or internship.
  • He/she must pass a national examination and then a provincial examination so as to acquire a license of practice.
  • He/she must be trained in issues dealing with the spine and posture.

Chiropractor Salary

A chiropractor working in the US earns somewhere around $132089 as the average median salary.