Homeopathy Career Job Profile and Description

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that cures diseases and symptoms by employing highly diluted substances that help trigger the body’s natural immune system. Homeopathic doctor prescribes drugs based on medical formulas in the form of small tablets to his patients. The duration of treatment can vary depending on the patient’s medical conditions and thus can be cured in weeks or months and sometime can take years.

Homeopathy Career Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties and responsibilities are required to be performed by a homeopathic doctor:

  • Analyze the medical history and medical condition of the patients by communicating with them.
  • Record and maintain the case histories of patients and co-ordinate meetings to monitor recovery during and after treatment.
  • Interact and communicate well with the patients to diagnose symptoms, prescribe treatment options and answer their queries regarding the disease and the treatment.

Homeopathy Career Skills and Specifications

A Homeopathic doctor is required to possess the following skills and specifications:

  • Good knowledge about the treatment of diseases including the tablets and liquids.
  • Must be able to work during emergencies and take decisions under pressure.
  • Must be able to support patients who are psychologically weak and help them build confidence.
  • Willingness to learn continuously and be updated with the latest methods of treatment and homeopathic techniques.

Homeopathy Career Education and Qualification

  • A four year degree in medicine from a medical school that is accredited by the council of Homeopathic education.
  • Candidates can take up course works in chronic condition homeopathy, homeopathy pharmaceuticals and homeopathy for personality types.
  • Diploma programs like homeopathic laws and practices are also available and candidates need to complete a 3 year certification program.
  • License has to be obtained from the American Institute of Homeopathy’s American Board of Homeotherapeutics.

Homeopathy Career Salary

The annual income of homeopaths is found to be between $68,000 and $188,000 and varies depending up on the experience and qualification of the practitioner.