Family Physician Profile and Description

Family physicians are usually practitioners and are often the first contact for people wanting healthcare. They are the traditional family doctor and examine and treat several conditions, injuries, ailments, respiratory infections, broken bones and other problems. General and family physicians typically have a patient base of long term and regular visitors.

Those having more serious problems are referred to specialists and other healthcare facilitators for a more thorough care. Family physicians often treat families through generations.

Family Physician Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the typical duties and responsibilities that a family physician has to execute include the following:

  • Advise community members and patients on activity, diet, disease prevention and diet.
  • Record, collect and maintain patient information like medical reports, examination results and history.
  • Explain various procedures and also discuss the test results or prescribe treatment to patients.
  • Monitor the condition of patient progress and reevaluate the treatment as necessary.
  • Refer patients to specialists or any other practitioner whenever necessary.

Family Physician Skills and Specifications

Some of the skills and specifications that a dietician must possess are likely to include the following:

  • Broad awareness about a range of illnesses and medical conditions.
  • Knowledge of affecting people across different sexes and ages.
  • Compassion and sensitivity for dealing with delicate family health needs.
  • Uphold the family’s trust via maintenance of strict confidentiality.
  • Interest to serve people with gentle and precise communication skills.

Family Physician Education and Qualification

Some of the common educational qualifications that a family physician must have are as follows:

  • A basic degree from a recognized medical school followed by internship.
  • A MD degree is required for specialization in ant particular field medicine.

Family Physician Salary

Family physicians usually get an annual average salary of $62,500 if they’re attached to a hospital.