College Student Job Profile and Description

A college student may feel the need to earn an income on the side, either to fund his own studies or as pocket money. But whatever be the reason, a college student who has a meritorious record, can take classes as assistant teachers or do jobs that are not related to the field of education, internships, seasonal jobs or part time jobs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The job responsibilities of a college student depends on the kind of job he is doing.
  • The most common jobs taken up by college students is that of customer care, where they have to make calls to answer customer queries or solve their problems
  • Telemarketing is another job often taken up by college students. where one has to make calls and either sell products or promote services
  • Some work in restaurants either as waiters, or as other profiles where they have to service the customers
  • They may work in retail outlets as cahiers or sales persons where they guide the customers or are in charge of billing work
  • Besides the sectors mentioned above, one can go for internship in different companies depending on the subject they are studying
  • They may have to take calls, file reports or be a part of team in a project too

Skills and Specifications

  • A college student has to be organised and disciplined as he has to manage his work and also his own studies
  • He must have good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • He should also have good analytical skills

Education and Qualifications

Once one is a college student, it means he has a high school degree, which can be used for the jobs mentioned above. One can also go for some diploma courses in the subject of one’s choice which would help him gain more skills.