Work Study Student Job Profile and Description

In this age of competition, only a general degree is sometimes not enough to get a job. In such cases, one may need to do vocational course, which basically teach a person skills and give knowledge about a particular job or sector. These courses or practical experience will help a student get a job later because he will already have working experience about that particular sector.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • There are many universities and colleges which offer work-study opportunities. Some are within the academic arena and some beyond that. The job responsibilities vary accordingly.
  • Such students may have to work as office assistants and are in charge of filing, photocopying, typing,
  • Some may have to do faculty evaluations, mailing, and answering phones
  • Assistant technicians help to load and update software, they perform technical troubleshooting, identify and solve problems
  • They may have to do research from various sources of information and are also responsible for the hardware
  • Some work for the college cafeteria or shops where he is in charge of billing, updating records and has to make sure it is not short of supplies
  • Some of them work for the games department and help to prepare teams for games and practices
  • They keep the score book, help with the equipment, clean uniforms and keep statistical information
  • Some work as lab assistants or maintain the library
  • They have to help the instructor in developing of teaching aides, review of products and enter data or perform other clerical work as required

Skills and Specifications

  • The work study students must be mature, responsible, organised and be able to pay attention to details
  • They must have good communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • They must be able to maintain confidentiality

Education and Qualifications

They need to have basic technical knowledge and at least a high school degree.