Student Teacher Job Profile and Description

Teaching is a profession that can be performed at many levels, depending on the qualifications of the person. There are some who may teach at the primary school level or high school, some teach in colleges, universities, or even private institutes. A student teacher is one whose primary job is actually that of a student, but who uses his knowledge and whatever qualifications he has to teach others, usually special children or those who cannot afford private school teaching.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A student teacher must be aware of the subjects he is teaching and have in-depth knowledge about them
  • He should hold exams on a regular basis and evaluate their performance
  • He has to give homework and check if they are performing well
  • He must be aware of the latest developments in the field of education so that he can apply them in his teachings
  • He has to answer their queries and clear any doubts that they may have regarding their subjects
  • He may also take them to field trips to historical places, monuments, parks, museums etc and give them all round knowledge
  • He must give them a chance to do projects and not just give bookish assignments
  • He must encourage them and help to hone their talents and potential
  • He should see if anyone is interested in extracurricular activities, like singing or drama and sports, then must give them a platform to perform

Skills and Specifications

  • A student teacher needs to balance his own studies and also teach his students properly
  • He must be hardworking as managing lives of both student and teachers is stressful
  • He should have good communications skills and must be understanding

Education and Qualifications

Qualifications will vary according to the class the student teacher is teaching in. It can be a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.