Commercial Banking Job Profile and Description

Banking being an important sector, the role of the bankers has earned great importance. The commercial banker is responsible for developing and implementing good and strong business development program that help to achieve business growth in the long run. Business growth is possible through signing new customers- a task that can only be done by the commercial bankers and their skill.

Commercial Banking Duties and Responsibilities

  • Acting as the leader of the financial advisory department thereby leading the individual financial advisors whenever required in order to make the organization function smoothly.
  • Developing relationships between the staff and individual departments through financial advising and business development.
  • Identifying new and profitable customers and winning the business of new customers in order to make the business profitable.
  • Providing customers with a large line of services and financing services which aids the customers and also helps the company to earn a good repute amongst the customers.
  • Maintaining business credit business and also completing the credit pool analysis for the long term benefit of the company.

Commercial Banking Skills and Specifications

  • Great leadership qualities
  • Great banking skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Attention to details
  • Aware of financial intricacies

Commercial Banking Education and Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s or Master’s degree in or finance or accounting or statistics is highly essential.
  • Experience of working in similar or related fields can be an added advantage.

Commercial Banking Salary

  • The average salary of a commercial banker is generally about $89,000.
  • Apart from this fixed salary, most commercial bankers are entitled to healthy bonuses, commissions. Their salary too depends on a number of factors like the location of workplace, nature of job and experience.