Corporate Finance Job Profile and Description

Corporate finance specialists guide the firm by evaluating the operating data. They are like the industry indicators who advise management on investment decisions. A corporate finance specialist also ensures that the financial reporting mechanisms are operating adequately and effectively.¬† By keeping such controls, they prevent mistakes in financial statements. The corporate finance specialist possesses experience in capital markets transactions, business analysis etc. He utilizes his financial skills in order to review a firm’s financial statements and recommend investment strategies.

Corporate Finance Duties And Responsibilities

  • Helping a corporation to prepare and complete financial statements that comply with the accounting principles which in turn ensures that the company is not in debt.
  • Ensuring that financial records are complete and they come with balance sheet, a statement of profit and loss etc thereby making them complete in form.
  • Evaluating a company’s operating data, assessing the¬†performance of the company and also determining that the capital input and product output are in required ratio.
  • Helping the corporation file tax returns to abide by the different fiscal guidelines.
  • Reviewing a company’s liquidity levels and aiding it to sell shares of bonds.

Corporate Finance Skills and Specifications

  • Great analytical skills
  • Good statistical, mathematical skills
  • Organized and responsible
  • Aware of recent financial developments
  • Good communication skills

Corporate Finance Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or a master’s degree in accounting or finance or auditing.
  • Those with a higher degree can conduct research or even teach at a university

Corporate Finance Salary

  • An experienced specialist according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data earns $59,430 to $99,330 in average.
  • Salary of the corporate finance specialists largely depend on their experience, knowledge, expertise at work, nature of the organization etc.