Consumer Market Researcher Job Description and Profile

In simple words, a consumer market researcher analyses the market scenario and advices the company executives on best marketing practices and the current wants of the consumers. His job is to grasp the pulse of the consumer market in order to increase the sales of the company. They also develop procedures for effective sales depending on the existing market conditions. Their job includes gathering data about competitors for analysis and ensuring that the productivity and sales of the company are the highest in the market. A number of companies, both in service and production sector, have requirements for a consumer market researcher. They can either be employed fwith a company or can be freelance market researchers and cater to multiple companies. Their job lies on the same thread as that of a consumer market analyst.

Consumer Market Researcher Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gathering information abut the consumer market by various innovative means such as surveys
  • Utilizing various media such as the internet and print media to gather data for research
  • Analyzing the gathered data and point out the existing trend in the consumer industry
  • Ensuring that the sales and marketing strategies of the company are in accordance with the trends of the market
  • Meeting with the research and development team and ensuring that the products being manufactured are suitable for the present trends
  • Forecasting the future trends on the basis of the existing ones so as to help companies make policy decisions
  • Writing reports based on statistical charts
  • Documenting results of survey
  • Collecting feedbacks from customers so as to increase the quality of service

Consumer Market Researcher Education, Training and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree is sufficient for the job. However, researchers need to have special skills such as excellent observation, analysis and prediction abilities. They should have the ability to gauge the trends of consumer market with the help of well formulated questionnaires and creative use of various media.

Consumer Market Researcher Degrees, Courses & Certification

Bachelor’s degree in business administration, with specialized study in sales and marketing is the required degree. A master’s degree in business administration and management is highly preferred. Experience of 5 to 10 years in marketing is essential for the job. Marketing Research certificate from marketing research association or Council of American Survey Research Organizations is very useful.

Consumer Market Researcher Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent observation and analysis skills
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Good grasping power about the market trends
  • Keep in regular touch with the happenings in the industry so as to get latest information and consumer trends
  • Good management skills
  • A strong knowledge in mathematics and statistics

Consumer Market Researcher‘s Salary/Wage

Salary of a consumer market researcher varies between $50,000 and $110,000 per annum.