Senior Manager Digital Marketing Job Description and Profile

The digital world has taken over all aspects of sales and marketing. A senior manager digital marketing is the person who takes care of promoting the product in all channels of digital marketing such as websites, email marketing, internet marketing, phone marketing and other various channels. He works in the sales and marketing department in the company and reports to the marketing head.

Senior Manager Digital Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding the kind of digital marketing required for effective promotion of the product
  • Using various digital media effectively
  • Meet with web development agencies to develop website for the company and ensure that the website is regularly upgraded and well maintained
  • Ensure that the website is subject search engine optimization services so as to ensure maximum visibility of the website
  • Check out other digital marketing channels such as blogs, internet marketing through posting ads and banners and article marketing
  • Collaborate with marketing communication manager to obtain texts used for digital marketing such as submission to article directories, email marketing and web content
  • Make press release in digital media
  • Use mobile phones for marketing purposes by using the messaging service
  • Formulate guidelines for digital marketing
  • Form strategies for the entire digital marketing campaign
  • Keep track of the budget
  • Ensure that all junior staff is performing efficiently

Senior Manager Digital Marketing Education, Training and Qualifications

The education required is a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing. Experience is of high importance because the concepts of digital marketing are fairly new and not included in college curriculum.  

Senior Manager Digital Marketing Degrees, Courses & Certification

The most preferred degree is a Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with sales and marketing specialization. To rise to the place of a manager, experience is very important.

Senior Manager Digital Marketing Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent knowledge about various kinds of digital media
  • Awareness about the way digital media works in order to use them optimally
  • Excellent creativity and innovation
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good decision making and problem solving skills
  • Ability to maintain good relationships with various people involved in digital marketing
  • Strong knowledge about internet applications

Senior Manager Digital Marketing‘s Salary/Wage

The salary of a senior manager digital marketing ranges between $40,000 and $90,000. The salary is largely dependent on the company of work and experience.