Fashion Marketing Manager Job Profile and Description

A Fashion Marketing Manager is responsible for publicizing and enhancing the awareness about a particular brand of fashion item that can be of any type from the designer labels to that of those in the departmental stores. Professionals employed in the fashion-marketing field require good amount of experience about this field. Until and unless they are aware of the requirements of the customers, they would fail to offer useful services.  They also contribute in the development of the advertising campaigns and in the branding endeavors.

Fashion Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting the employers with regard to the analyzing of the advertising campaigns and with monitoring of the brand quality.
  • Monitoring the feedback of the customers to the launching of new products and also the brand efforts.
  • Overseeing the work of the subordinate employees and ensuring that they perform the task in the correct fashion.
  • Travelling extensively for making adequate preparations for the store openings.
  • Working as an in- charge of the branding and marketing of new products.
  • Taking care of matters pertaining to public relations.

Fashion Marketing Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Good amount of knowledge about the fashion industry and advertising techniques.
  • Ability to understand the psychology of the people and their choices.
  • Ability to interact skillfully with the team and the customers.
  • Good deal of idea about the pricing strategies.
  • Great organizational and coordinating skills.

Fashion Marketing Manager Education and Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree in fashion merchandising, business administration or fashion marketing from an accredited institution.
  • Degree or diploma course in fashion designing can be of huge help to do well in this field.

Fashion Marketing Manager Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary the Fashion Marketing Manager was $92,520 annually in May 2009. However, their income would greatly vary depending on the nature of the organization they work for and the experience of the professional.