Cost Estimator Job Profile and Description

When a project is planned and undertaken by a company, the duty of the Cost Estimator is to estimate the cost of that project. Making an estimate of cost is important; hence cost estimators play an important role in the outcome of a project. Growth in the construction industry has resulted in the growth of job opportunities for the cost estimators. They can be employed in different sectors and projects of different nature for they have the skills required to deal with the growing complexity of construction projects.

Cost Estimator Duties and Responsibilities

  • Estimating the cost, size, nature and duration of a future project.
  • Collecting and analyzing data for all financial aspects of the project.
  • Considering the materials, location, duration etc of project.
  • Estimating cost procedures by separating them from the construction and manufacturing estimates.
  • Developing the cost information that business owners require to make a bid for a contract.
  • Carrying out necessary operational research, production control etc.

Cost Estimator Skills and Specifications

  • Experience in the fields of cost estimation.
  • Experience in latest technology.
  • High aptitude for mathematics.
  • Great analyzing skills.
  • Ability to pay close attention to details.
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills.

Cost Estimator Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in construction management or construction science, along with basic experience in the construction industry is highly imperative.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, statistics, accounting, physical science or any other such related subjects is an added advantage.

Cost Estimator Salary

  • On the general scale, the wage of a typical cost estimator is about $56,510.
  • However their salary largely depends on their experience, knowledge, expertise at work, nature of the organization etc.