Director Internet Marketing Job Profile and Description

One decade back, there was not a term called internet marketing, but now every company is exploring the maximum opportunities over the internet, as far as marketing is concern. Now, in every marketing department, you will find a sub department called internet marketing. As there is a department called internet marketing, so there is a director of that department, who is called as director internet marketing. The department of internet marketing functions according to the directions of the director of the internet marketing.

Director Internet Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

  • The entire responsibilities of the internet marketing department are on the shoulders of the director of the internet marketing.
  • He or she is going to be answerable about the performance of that department, in front of the management.
  • He or she has the responsibility of making the internet marketing of the company as effective as possible.
  • He or she has to ensure that the company is getting the value of every dollar it is spending in internet marketing.

Director Internet Marketing Skills and Specifications

  • The director of internet marketing should possess vast knowledge and skills in internet marketing field.
  • He or she should have the skills to control and manage a whole department.

Director Internet Marketing Education and Qualification

  • You should possess a master’s degree in business administration with marketing specialization, if you want this particular post.
  • The degree will not only do the whole tricks, you should have a long experience in internet marketing field, in order to get this coveted post.

Director Internet Marketing Job Salary

  • If you are getting this post in a big and reputed company, then you will earn in millions.
  • The usual salary range of this job is $4000-$10,000