Food Chemist Job Profile and Description

A food chemist is an individual whose job is to perform research in order to develop and improve food and beverages. They have to perform tests using a number of methods that includes merging natural as well as synthetic food materials. They also have to analyze the sensory effects of food. It is the job of a food chemist to develop and implement policies and practicing procedures in regards to the decorum of the laboratory. They have to create all the required correspondence and highlight the progress of various projects. He may also have to lead a team in order to administer tests and analyze food to achieve the goals set by clients.

Food Chemist Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be performed by a food chemist are as follows:

  • Conducting research and analyzing food chemistry in order to improve quality of food and beverages
  • Studying various effects of processing and preservation of food
  • Testing samples of food and beverage in order to ensure that food laws are followed
  • Performing and supervising performance of the workers
  • Conducting tests in order to control the quality of food processing
  • Checking raw ingredients used in food products to check stability
  • Developing new food items as per the feedback of the consumer

Food Chemist Skills and Specifications

The various skills required for an individual in order to be a food chemist are as follows:

  • Must have excellent analytical skills
  • Needs to have good knowledge about food processing
  • Knowledge of application of various sciences on food
  • Excellent communication skill

Food Chemist Education and Qualification

In order to become a food chemist, an individual can pursue:

  • Bachelors in food science and technology
  • Diploma or certificate in related field.

Food Chemist Salary

On an average, the annual salary of a food chemist is around $71000.