Food Scientist Job Profile and Description

A food scientist is an individual who uses his knowledge in order to conduct research on food and food products. They come up with ways to preserve, store, distribute and package food and food products. They need to devise methods in order to maintain production in the agricultural sector. They also have to ensure that the food given to public is safe for consumption. It is the duty of the food scientist to analyze the various ways used in processing foods. They also have to determine the content of fat, vitamin and mineral in food for the purpose of labeling food products. They also devise safe methods to pack foods.

Food Scientist Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities to be carried out by a food scientist are as follows:

  • Analyzing ways used in processing food and food products
  • Determining the nutritional qualities of a certain food product for labeling
  • Conducting research and educating the public about various aspects of food industry
  • Helping the companies manufacturing food products to develop ways of making food more nutritional
  • Studying the chemical changes that take place in processed foods industry
  • Studying effects of food additives
  • Inspecting the food products manufactured or packaged in processing plants to control quality

Food Scientist Skills and Specifications

The skills required in order to become a food scientist are as follows:

  •  Must have good investigation skills
  •  Should have the urge to experiment
  •  Excellent organizational and communication skills

Food Scientist Education and Qualification

In order to become a food scientist, following qualifications are required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in food science
  • Master’s degree in food science
  • For individuals who are teaching in Universities they need to have a doctorate degree

Food Scientist Salary

The average annual salary of afood scientist is around $61000.