Intern Job Profile and Description

Interns are those workers who hold a temporary position in a company with more emphasis on training and gathering experience than employment. Most interns don’t get paid, but there are some companies who pay handsome wages to interns too. Usually interns are college and university students who look to gather some experience during their semester breaks, which would later help them get a job. Internships not only give them work experience, exposure to the field but also make them prepared for the future.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An intern’s duties vary according to his work profile
  • They are usually allotted some basic work which would help them understand the fundamentals of the company and also learn new things
  • Sales interns would have to meet clients and gets some field experience, meet targets
  • Those in media would have to write stories about local developments
  • Some interns may be required to help in research in a particular field
  • Public relations interns would have to make phone calls, build a network, secure press attendance etc

Skills and Specifications

  • Interns work for a limited period, so they don’t have much time and must work hard to learn as much as possible in whatever time they have
  • They must be diligent, hardworking, sincere and quick to pick up things taught to them
  • They must have good interpersonal skills and need to build a good network which will help them get a job later

Education and Qualifications

Most interns are students so they need not show complete degrees or diplomas. A written permission from the college authorities showing that they are students of a particular field is usually enough to get an internship. Some may also be asked to come for interviews and asked about the basics of the work.