Sample Student Job Profile and Description

Student job openings can usually be found in universities and colleges and are also called on-campus jobs. They are usually very helpful to students who cannot afford the high fees. These jobs not only give them the opportunity to earn some money but also give them experience in their chosen field. As they are usually jobs within the campus, they timings are such that they don’t clash with the timings of classes or exams.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • One of the most common student jobs is that of a teaching assistant. Many universities have openings for bright students, usually at the post-graduate or doctoral level, whereby they assist a professor and help him with research etc
  • In other jobs like lab assistant, they help the faculty in the chemistry department and assist them
  • Students can also work as office assistants where they need to do the preliminary work which may involve making and receiving calls, data entry, keep records of mails and other requests, help in other paperwork related to loan, admission, scholarship etc
  • They may also assist in the library and help in the cataloging process, filing of records, assisting patrons, or work as a book store clerk
  • They can work with the graphic designing team and help in creating portfolios, brochures etc
  • They may also work in the student cafeteria in servicing or billing or in shops within campus
  • Student assistants help the public relations department and publications offices

Skills and Specifications

  • You must be able to balance your studies and work
  • You must be hardworking as working as a student leads to a lot of pressure

Education and Qualifications

Since these are student jobs, you don’t need too many qualifications. Permission from your department and prior experience in similar jobs, even an amateur attempt, can help you.