Summer intern Job Profile and Description

Summer internships are undertaken by students during their summer holidays, which is usually the longest holiday break given by universities and colleges. Students apply for internships to different companies and during their summer break they work with those companies as temporary employees. These summer internships are an excellent chance for the students to gain some practical experience in their field of specialisation and in some cases, they can also earn money if it is a paid internship.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Depending on the job profile of an intern, the responsibilities also change accordingly:
  • Interns may have to work individually or in a team and follow the instructions of their supervisor
  • In some cases, they will have to do field work and interact with customers or clients
  • They have to make extensive phone calls about products, services or answer enquiries
  • Some interns may need to help the company with in-depth research and filing of records
  • In technical or specialised fields, interns need to participate in projects and follow deadlines

Skills and Specifications

  • Summer Internship is a time where one must learn as much as possible in a limited period. So be ready to work hard
  • You must be diligent, sincere, active and enthused about the job
  • You may have to work for long hours and follow your seniors orders
  • You must have good written and verbal skills and strong understanding of concepts
  • Adaptability and the ability to pick up whatever is being taught is important too

Education and Qualifications

As most summer interns are students, it is expected that they won’t have complete degrees. Permission or recommendation from educational authorities and good grades are usually enough to get these internships. Some companies, especially the ones that offer paid internships, also conduct interviews in order to get the right candidate.