Part Time Administrator Job Profile and Description

A part time administrator is not required to report in the office daily since this type of work is more of on freelancing. The responsibility of a part time administrator is more on organizing team building activities to improve the skills of an employee whether technical and communication skills. For that reason, they are able to improve the employee’s performance in their workplace. Since team-building activities are not done regularly, the presence of an administrator is not required on a daily basis. A part time administrator still needs to report on his/her manager in order to conduct plans regarding the upcoming activities of their company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here are some major responsibilities and tasks of a part time administrator:

  • A part time administrator is responsible for creating and facilitating the seminars for the employees in order to update them on their current performance. Finding a resource speaker is also the job of a part time administrator.
  • Conferences and meetings for the employees and managers are also handled by a part time administrator. Creating good program is also the task of a part time administrator.
  • Maintaining the corporate website is one of the major responsibilities of a part time administrator. Part time administrators take full responsibility on the maintenance of the company’s website. They are assigned to take all measures in making their website in trend and at the same time ensure that the website is performing well.
  • A part time administrator is responsible for purchasing office supplies such as printer inks and other office materials. A part time administrator must check the office supplies and make an evaluation to figure out whether they need to change or purchase new equipments.
  • Corporate mailings are shouldered by the part time administrator.
  • Minor office and secretariat work is also part of their job. This type of work includes encoding, making phone calls to clients and other basic secretarial office works.
  • Reporting the success and the outcome of the activities held for the employees and administration staff is also part of their. Therefore, the company is able to figure out the things that can affect the company’s services.