Recruiter Job Profile and Description

The Recruiters play a key role in every organization for making qualified candidates fill vacancies.  Recruiters can be of different types; while some recruiters work for outside staffing agencies, others work as full-time human resources specialists for those employers who are seeking to hire employees for his organization. Recruiters can even work on contracts on part time basis. These people can be employed by different types of employers- government agencies, educational institutions, advertising and marketing firms, telecommunications companies etc. Their duties and responsibilities are discussed below.

Recruiter Duties And Responsibilities.

  • Updating the appropriate forms whenever an employee receives a promotion or switches to any other department.
  • Preparing reports for managers and administering the aptitude, personality of tests of the applicants.
  • Conducting Internet research to locate resumes of the applicants and screening job applicants for obtaining information on education and work experience of the applicants.
  • Referring the qualified applicants to the recruiting official once a prospective candidate is selected.
  • Encouraging qualified prospective candidates to apply to those jobs for which they are best suited.
  • Helping candidates to better understand how their expertise and experience qualifies them for some particular jobs in the company.

Recruiter Skills and Specifications

  • Tactful
  • Diplomatic
  • Ability to communicate with individuals
  • Highly organized
  • Skillful in matters of human resource dealings
  • Great managerial skills

Recruiter Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Management with specialization in Human Resources is highly essential.
  • Experience of working as Human Resource officers or recruiters  in other organizations can be an added advantage.

Recruiter Salary

  • Recruiters earn an average annual salary of $50,650. However their salary largely depends on the factors like the nature of the employer, location, educational qualifications and years of experience