Student advisor Job Profile and Description

A student advisor provides advice and counsels the students. This advice may relate to the student’s personal, academic or professional life. Every college or university has a student advisor who makes programmes suitable for a particular student that will guide him in his career. Student advisors may also work independently and offer their customised services to a particular student.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A student advisor acts as an advocate and an interdepartmental and interagency liaison
  • He studies the programme needs and then develops and implements the programme in compliance with the government and educational policies
  • He must provide a wholesome system of service delivery that is flexible and responsive to needs of the students
  • He also informs students about their rights and responsibilities
  • He represents the students in disputes with local agencies and college authorities
  • He must monitor the participation and progress of students to ensure program compliance
  • He also creates awareness about programme services among the community
  • By analysing the requirements of the students, he represents program concerns to the educational institute authorities
  • He also provides group and individual orientations and gives information to new and old students
  • He may also have to assist students with the registration process, filing of other forms and help in financial aid

Skills and Specifications

  • He must be a good listener and must be sympathetic to the student’s wishes, needs and capabilities
  • He must have knowledge of the different branches of studies and tally it with the ability of the student
  • He must also know about the college and job industry requirements, and must monitor and track statistical information related to it

Education and Qualifications

A student advisor must at least have a Bachelor’s degree and a diploma is career management or social services would also help.