Student aide Job Profile and Description

The work of a student aide is multi-faceted and ranges from basic clerical duties to professional tasks at a college or university. The applicant must be creative, responsible, committed and dedicated to towards his responsibilities. Student aides must serve as role models to other students by displaying the highest level of qualities, positive behaviour and values.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Student aides must participate in committee and staff meetings and arrange different aspects of the orientation programmes
  • They are paired with faculty members to teach new comers the various aspects of university programmes and help them learn about the university
  • They help organise academic or job fairs and help students explore different career opportunities by interacting with faculty members and people from the industry
  • They must assist in preparing and compiling data for the newsletters and mention their activities and achievements in them
  • They are also involved with the student’s health development committee and take care of the overall well-being of the students by arranging for checkups and other activities
  • Regular attendance is very important and they must receive calls for enquiries and accordingly give advice

Skills and Specifications

  • Student aides are like a link between the authorities and the students and so they must keep the channel of communication open
  • They must be committed towards their work and show dedication as they are responsible for other students too
  • Due to long hours, this job may be physically demanding and so student aides must show high level of energy and enthusiasm towards the work
  • Teamwork is also important as they often have different responsibilities assigned to them and must coordinate among themselves

Education and Qualifications

Student aides have to enroll in the orientation training programmes organised by the college authorities. They should also have good grades and show participation in extra-curricular activities.