Computer Technician Job Profile And Description

An individual working in the position of a computer technician has to repair computers and various other related parts. They are also responsible for maintaining and installing the computers along with equipments that belong to the peripheral computer. They have to make use of hand tools as well as software in order to do their work. Sometimes it is the job of a computer technician to carry activities like network installation. A computer technician is hired in all kinds of organizations varying from schools to retail outlets.

Computer Technician Duties And Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities of a computer technician are as follows:

  • Doing repairing work on the dysfunctional computers
  • Provide maintenance and installation of systems and also to peripheral computer equipments
  • Providing technical support to all employees using I.T. services
  • Measuring the productivity as well as performance of the computers and related hardware
  • Maintaining and implementing ongoing operation of the help desk
  • Resolving technical issues and keeping track of the maintenance work done by them
  •  Assisting in the process of system up gradation
  • Administering the network and if required recommending the paths for connectivity

Computer Technician Skills And Specifications

 A computer technician must possess various skills and specifications. They are as follows:

  • Must possess excellent technical knowledge
  • Needs to have good knowledge about computer and hardware related problems
  • Should know how to fix peripherals that come with the computer
  • Must have the ability to meet deadlines

Computer Technician Education And Qualification

In order to work as a computer technician, an individual must have an associate degree in computer science.  It is always an advantage to have a certification training program.

Computer Technician Salary

The average salary of a computer technician vary from $24000 to $69000 depending on work experience and organization type