Administrator Job Profile and Description

An administrator is the one in charge of the performance and the management of a certain business or organization and makes the general decision. All in all, an administrator is in charge of the business and all its aspects. They can be considered as the boss in a certain business and someone in a higher authority for organizations. These administrators are flexible when it comes to running an office and able to make changes from time to time.

Duties and Responsibilities

Here some responsibilities of an administrator

  • One of the most important responsibilities of an administrator is to prepare reports and documents for proper recording and documentation of the functions and works of the company.
  • They are in charge of creating spreadsheets, which tracks the attendance and the performance of a certain employee and makes a report about it.
  • An administrator also handles and assesses the complaints of employees without bias in judgment.
  • One of the important responsibilities of an administrator is planning. An administrator must be able to come up with a plan in every situation especially with regards to the success of the business or organization.
  • An administrator also chooses the right people to hire for a specific function in the business.
  • They are also in charge of writing job description and screening applicants.
  • An administrator is in charge of organizing the responsibilities of each department or divisions. This is to ensure that the organizational chart of the company is followed.
  • They also need to make coordination among all the staffs and employee in the business or organization.
  • An administrator serves as a leader in terms of achieving the goals of the business. They provide a balance on each departments of the business to secure coordination.
  • An administrator may also be in charge of implementation of the budget of the business.
  • An administrator is knowledgeable when it comes to different programs and applications used by the business. This is needed by the administrator to relay message properly to employees.

An administrator also serves as the manager or the secretary of the business who reports to the board of directors.