Trainee Administrator Job Profile and Description

A trainee administrator’s task is to give quality training to the hire future employees for a company. This work is related to human resource personnel, since this job position is responsible for the training program of the newly hired applicant. Trainings on the other hand are related to the applicant’s job position. If the job title of an applicant focuses on machineries, then a trainee administrator will conduct series of training for the applicant in order to improve his technical skills. Skills training are also the specialties of a training administrator. The training administrator is responsible for the development of an applicant’s skills in its future job title.

Duties and Responsibilities

The job description of a trainee administrator as follows:

  • To give applicants an overview of their future job descriptions and tasks delegated in the company. Introducing the company’s profile and the applicant’s job description is the major responsibility of a trainee administrator. A trainee administrator is responsible for the possible output of the initial training program of their trainees.
  • To provide training in improving the applicants skills before they apply it on their actual work. A trainee is not that familiar with the type of work they will do. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the training administrator to make their trainees adjust on the type of they want to achieve.
  • A trainee administrator is responsible for evaluating the trainee’s progress after the training programs. Before they consider a trainee as their employee, an evaluation on a trainee’s performance must be done by a trainee administrator before the company officially hires him or her. Therefore, they can figure out whether the person is suit for his/her desired position.
  • Create activities on improving an applicant’s skills before they enter the actual workplace. It is also important that the delegated task of a trainee administrator is to improve the trainee’s weak points. One example of these activities is team-building activity.
  • Conducting training seminars to improve the performance of the trainee’s is also the task of the training administrator. A training program is not enough for a trainee. Therefore, their skills must be refined in order to provide quality in their work.