Advertising Copywriter Job Profile and Description

A good or service always needs good promotion for its success. The Advertising Copywriters play an important role in developing the editorial copy that comprises of the graphics or logos. They also work with the client to create targeted copy which in the long run proves to be useful in marketing the product or service. His work includes everything from research to identifying of the most appropriate story that will be able to convey the intended message to the public.

Advertising Copywriter Duties and Responsibilities

  • Working as a part of a creative team thereby creating the words that would go along with the visual images.
  • Using their creative minds to come up with content and captions that can bring in customers and coax them to make a purchase.
  • Write concisely for the time and space allotted in advertising is usually limited.
  • Exhibiting enough flexibility to write in a variety of styles.
  • Helping the advertising firms to achieve a desired result which could be anything from increasing their sales or coaxing people to try a new product.
  • Making the most of certain favorable features of a product more conspicuous and then explaining in the advertisement how these features would be of help to the users.

Advertising Copywriter Skills and Specifications

  • Creativity and strong writing skills.
  • Experience in publishing.
  • Ability to carry out successful campaigns.
  • Good marketing and advertising abilities.
  • Patient and organized.

Advertising Copywriter Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications or journalism or advertising is imperative.

Advertising Copywriter Salary

According to the BLS Salaried writers and authors earned an average of $53,070 in 2008. However, those writers who are with more experience generally command higher fees.