Channel Marketing Manager Job Description and Profile

The main aim of the channel Marketing Manager is to improve the market share and also strengthen the channel relationships and improve customer satisfaction. It helps in assigning and tracking all the progress of marketing programs.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Channel Marketing Manager

  • Improve all customer relationships and also the channel relationships.
  • Understanding the needs of the target market
  • Looking after the branding of the product
  • Aligning branding and integrated marketing strategies
  • Monitoring the merchandize and packaging before and after the launch of the product and aim for constant improvement.
  • Design and Develop and help managing channel marketing budget and costs  including forecast accuracy
  • Develop and execute annual marketing and demand creation (promotion) plan
  • Analyze the reports and also tracking and allotting targets
  • Interpret market and channel macro trends into channel strategies

Channel Marketing Manager’s Skills and specifications

  • Excellent  presentation and communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Extensive knowledge about HVAC, Lighting, and Refrigeration and Building Automation control systems is preferred.
  • A degree in engineering is preferred.
  • Convincing skills to convince key stakeholders.
  • Direct sales experience, ability to stay in touch and manage channel relationship with assigned Channel Partners.
  • Ability to drive conferences and meetings with other important channel partners.
  • 5+? years or more working experience as a Channel Sales or Marketing Manager in a related industry

Channel Marketing Manager’s Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a business or management or engineering.
  • Masters degree in management from an accredited business school or institute.

Channel Marketing Manager’s Salary

  • It depends major on the experience, qualifications and the skill an individual possesses to be a successful Channel Marketing Manager.
  • The average salary ranges from $2,000.00 – $7000.00 /month.