Media Director Profile and description

In a large company with various brands to market, the advertising department employs the services of a Media Director who oversees a team of people specializing in various communication media – radio, television, broadsheets, tabloids, trade journals and magazines, the Internet, and billboards that the company selectively uses where appropriate, for its advertising messages. With adequate planning and timing, the Media Director can maximize advertising effectiveness and reach with the right media at the right timing.

Media Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research on the most appropriate time slots with the right audience in broadcast media, to this end, determine which TV and radio shows to sponsor for maximum ad coverage and reach.
  • Contract for the space leases in billboards
  • Secure the right schedule for radio and TV spots available for ad placements.
  • Provide reports to clients and management on research results on success of advertisement penetration and reach.
  • Harness social networking sites for ads and promos.


Media Director Skills and Specifications

  • Must have ability to know the commercial and social implication of ad placements in any of the various media
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills to interact successfully media representatives and secure high visibility time slots
  • Excellent  verbal and writing communication skills in English


Media Director Education and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in a communications-related field combined with public relations experience is excellent preparation for a person interested in public relations work.

Media Director Salary

The median salary for a Media Director in 2008 stood at about  $79,000 with a wide range for highest and lowest since the position also depends on the extent of advertising operations in terms of the variety of media exposures required.