Gynecologist Profile and Description

Gynecologists provide women with medical care related to their reproductive system. They have to undergo extensive medical training but most make for an excellent living. Gynecologists often work extended hours including call shifts.

They are usually found working at hospitals, outpatient care units, universities, physician offices and various other medical facilities. Gynecologists usually work in a sterile and clean environment.

Gynecologist Duties and Responsibilities

The typical duties and responsibilities that a gynecologist has to perform include the following:

  • Treat and care for women during post-natal, prenatal and natal periods.
  • Discuss the test results and explain procedures or prescribed treatment with patients.
  • Treat diseases of the female reproductive system.
  • Monitor patient condition and progress and also reevaluate the treatment as necessary.
  • Perform cesarean sections or any other surgical procedure as required for preserving patient health and safe delivery of babies.
  • Prescribe and/or medication, therapy or other specialized medical treatment for preventing diseases, injury or ailment.
  • Analyze reports, test results, records or examination information for diagnosing the medical condition of patients.

Gynecologist Skills and Specifications

Some of the major skills and specifications that a gynecologist has to perform include the following:

  • Excellent communication skills to listen and talk to patients especially while gathering private and personal information.
  • Assuage worries of patients and also give them hope as well as peace of mind for resolving their problems.
  • Time management, interpersonal and analytical skills are the other desired qualifications.

Gynecologist Education and Qualification

The most important educational qualifications that a gynecologist must have are as follows:

  • Graduation in medicine from a recognized medical college.
  • MD followed by specialization in gynecology.

Gynecologist Salary

A gynecologist is usually paid a salary of $119,450. Senior gynecologists become consultants and often become the head of the section at leading hospitals.