Biotechnology Job Profile and Description

Application of biotechnology is vast and extensive in today’s day-to-day life. On one hand, it caters to the requirement of environmental science, animal husbandry and  agriculture on the other hand it also meets the requirement various industries like food, textile, beverages, pharmaceuticals and various biological products. Thus, the list of job positions in this field of biotechnology is long and varied.

Biotechnology Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities in the field of biotechnology vary with the hierarchy and job position. However, some of the significant duties are as follows:

  • Research associates plan projects according to the budget, present proposal and designs that are beneficial for society and mankind.
  • Lab assistants are responsible for different research laboratory tasks and experiments. Additionally, he is also responsible for preparing reports and protocols regarding various experiments performed.
  • Media prep technician generally is an entry level position in the field of biotechnology and helps in preparing media for carrying out various researches.
  • Clinical programmers mainly deal with various investigative and scientific processes and clinical activities.

Biotechnology Skills and Specifications:

Irrespective of the fact that application of biotechnology is diverse and it has many job positions but some of the skills and specifications remain unaltered. They are as enlisted.

  • To acquire any job position in the field of biotechnology, one must have research oriented mindset.
  • Should possess the capability of analyzing the future need of the society.
  • Must have the potential to improve current products by integrating cost effective ingredients.
  • Should have competency of working in laboratories.

Biotechnology Salary:

Remuneration in the field of biotechnology largely depends on job position, its hierarchy, geographic location and most importantly on the company. However, generally salary in this field ranges between $1200 per annum to $ 46000 per annum.